Repository of lawsuit documents filed against public bodies within Champaign County

PDFs of the following lawsuits available for download.


D’Angelis Chambers v. Elizabeth Alfonso, Michael Cervantes, Bryant Seraphin, Julia Rietz, Joel Fletcher, Scott Larson, Matthew Hamm, Janie Miller-Jones, Diane Marlin, and City of Urbana

Cory Jackson v. Jeffrey Steinberg, Duane Smith, Matthew Bain, Elizabeth Alfonso, Dave Roesch, Michael Cervantes, James Kerner, Matthew Quinley, Jay Loschen, Dave Griffet, the City of Champaign, Illinois, the City of Urbana, Illinois, and Unknown Employees of the City of Urbana

Wayne Colson and Quintin Brown v. City of Urbana and Urbana Police Officers Lt. Richard Surles, Sgt. Matt Bain, Michael Cervantes, Michael Hediger, Anthony Meenely, and Dave Roesch


Davonte D. Wright, Jordan Boyer, Marsherrie Franklin v. City of Champaign Police Officer Tyler Darling and the City of Champaign, Illinois

John C. Bambenek v. Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

Wylesha Ayres v. Sheriff Deputies Corey Christianson and Cory Floyd, Champaign County Sheriff’s Office, and Champaign County


Alton Corey v. City of Champaign and City of Champaign Police Officers William G. Killin and Dillon L. Holloway


Benjamin Mann v. Urbana Police Officers Jennifer Difanis, Colby G. Wright, Sara M. Links, Seth R. King, Jay Loschen, Chad Burnett, Don C. McClellan, Adam Marcotte, John Franquemont, Zach Mikalik, City of Urbana, University of Illinois Police Officer Chris Elston, and the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

Bryton G. Mellott v. Urbana Police Officers Kenneth D. Sprague, Jeremy A. Hale, Matthew E. McElhoe, and Andrew J. Charles


Precious Jackson v. Police Officers Matt Rush, Matt J. Crane, Ashley Petkunas, and City of Champaign, Illinois


Benjamin Mann v. City of Champaign, Illinois and Police Officers Christopher C. Aikman, David Butler, Nathaniel M. Epling, Kristina Haugen, Marshall Henry, Matt R. Rush, Cully T. Schweska

William Brown v. City of Champaign, Champaign Police Officers Matt Rush, Star 7114 and Montrell Coleman, Star 7116